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At the Mecosta County Area Chamber of Commerce, we work to build connections. Our members are from businesses and organizations throughout the county. Through support and communication, we work hard to provide relevant and timely assistance. 


The Mecosta County Area Chamber of Commerce believes that the key to success is a strong relationship among our members and community. Within the MCACC, we work to strengthen and build up our members. A community is at its strongest when all its members feel empowered, and we work every day to create that empowerment for our members.


Mecosta County is built on businesses. We believe that one of the best ways to support businesses or the needs of our community members is through finding ways to help. One way we can help is through fundraising and bringing awareness to similar activities thrown in our community.


We also believe a community is built on support. The Chamber brings support in many ways. Through Ribbon Cutting Celebrations, fundraising, promotions in our newsletters, and social media, we make sure our members feel our support and know that The Chamber is proud of our members' achievements and available to lend a hand when having a business is hard work.


As a member of the Mecosta County Area Chamber of Commerce, you have exclusive access to a range of benefits provided by the reputable organizations listed below.
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